Pinching Pennies? Get the Glow on from Home


Ginny McNulty has been living in the city for more than five years and, like many of us in our mid-twenties, works hard to budget her money. For some time she searched for a workout routine, but struggled to find something she could afford — continuously turned off by the high prices of a workout class or gym membership. By chance, she stumbled upon Kayla Itsines’ BBG workout (short for Bikini Body Guide), a routine that Itsines claims girls could do anywhere. Ginny, intrigued, did more research and a few of her friends told her how great of a workout it was and that they saw clear results through before and after photos.

Kayla Itsines’ BBG workouts are used by millions of people around the world and she is one of Instagram’s biggest fitness stars. Scrolling through the BBG Instagram page, Ginny stumbled upon numerous photos of girls posting before and after photos of their progress and praising how the workouts are very effective. Shortly after, Ginny decided to try the program.

BBG pic

Trying to stick to her budget, Ginny could not afford a gym membership, so she chose to do the workouts at home. The BBG program does incorporate the use of some equipment you would find at a gym, including weights, a medicine ball, a bench, a contraption called a bosu, among other pieces of equipment. Ginny said that did not deter her from trying the workouts.

Ginny does all of the prescribed BBG workouts from home. She watches videos on YouTube of a trainer performing the moves. She follows the videos diligently and it also helps her to do all the workout moves correctly. Instead of going out and buying weights or other workout equipment, Ginny uses household products. For weights? Two wine bottles filled with water. A medicine ball? Try a big bag stuffed with closes. A weight bench? More like chairs and couches for step ups and tricep dips.


“The workouts for me are still super effective,” said Ginny. “I do more reps to make it harder or add more clothes to my bag or more water to my wine bottles. It’s all about being creative with your workouts.”

Ginny talked about how the workouts are only thirty minutes a day and she says she can do them anywhere. Whenever she goes on vacation, Ginny explained how she would find a room with some empty space and do the routines there.

Doing the workouts almost four months consistently, Ginny said she has noticed a lot of definition in her arms, legs and abs. She also talked about how her confidence has greatly increased and she feels more energized throughout the day. Ginny started adding workouts from Beach Body, another workout program that is formatted to be done from home. She added that she will do the yoga or Pilates workouts in addition to BBG — either on her days off or as her cool down.


“It’s all about improvising and using those creative juices,” McNulty said. “I didn’t do any research I just go around my house and pick up things to see what’s heavy to use in my workouts.”

In order to stay motivated, McNulty shared how she keeps a calendar where she writes out all of her workouts. She also sets weekly and monthly goals and talked about how she always pushes herself, so that she feels sore the next morning.


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