Workout Wednesdays: We Show You How Adding Wine Can Improve Your Fitness


I generally try to stay loyal to my workout routine and meal plan during the week, but I’ve fallen off the wagon.

Not only have I stopped working out in the evenings, I’ve traded in my green smoothie for a glass of Merlot and a bowl of ice cream every night since Saturday.

The old me would have compensated by eating more greens and hitting the gym a little harder, but that was before being introduced to a little something called “The Wine Workout.”

“The Wine Workout” is a YouTube video by wine and fitness enthusiast, April Storey. Using glasses and bottles of wine as equipment (and motivation),  April demonstrates how adding wine to your home gym session can improve your overall fitness, and get you that beach body that you’ve always wanted.

Since its debut last February, the video has earned more that 19 million views and April has been featured on every major television network in America.

A workout that is fun, accessible and tasty? We’ll drink to that!


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