My Newest Shopping Picks for Summer Workouts


I love to be comfortable during my workouts and especially while attending body pump classes at Gold’s Gym. Of course leggings or spanks are the best to get the best workout. As much as I would love to throw on one of my oversized t-shirts that are stashed in my drawers, that may not be the best idea. Big t-shirts actually get in the way of machines at the gym. Cotton absorbs too much sweat, and that would be a bit nasty.

As a young working professional, I’d prefer to put my money into professional attire, meaning workout clothes should be the least of my worries. However, I do still like to match all the time just to be stylish. There are all types to save on clothing and remain within a strict budget.

More do’s and don’ts about workout wear can be found one of my many favorite USA Today articles!

Summer time is right around the corner and I know the ladies will be shopping for cute, and colorful workout clothes. Here some of my new favorite picks for the season:

  1. Ladies, we can never go wrong with a great sports bra. They are the most important investment. This can be worn with or without a shirt or tank over it. The ideal budget for a great sports bra should be no more than $18.00. Remember, the goal is to save your bucks and still be stylish. This sports bra is priced at $14.99.
  2. Here are great leggings, referred to as mesh capris from one of my favorites, TX Maxx! The best part about this material is that it sucks the moisture away from your skin, and keeps you feeling dry. Pink is a great color when attempting to workout in style. The mesh bottom and colored strip add a fun look. These are priced at $14.99! Great deal. My ideal limit to spend on quality leggings is $20.00.
  3. These great pearl performance running sneakers are colorful and good quality! They come in five different bright color combinations and are definitely full of life. They are priced at $34.99. My ideal limit to spend on great sneakers is $50-60.
  4. Here are a pair of Active Now chic bike shorts that also have the option of a matching sports bra top. This allows us to show off our shape and legs. These can also be worn during winter workouts with sweatpants over them. My favorite workout class is Body Pump, so biker shorts work for me while I do my squat exercises. These shorts are priced at $12.90. My ideal budget for shorts is $14.00.
  5. This Active Crisscross back jumpsuit is stylish and convenient! This will definitely make a statement and easy to move around in. This is ideal for outdoor workouts and great for intense stretching. I love the crisscross back and the trendy appearance. This is priced at $27.90. My ideal budget for a jumpsuit would be $25-$30.
  6. You can never have too many graphic tanks to workout in. They can go great with leggings or shorts, and often coordinate with your sneakers. This “Beat You to It” tank is also bright and very motivational. This is priced at $7.90. My ideal budget for tank tops are $5-$10.
  7. Here are some skinny color block leggings that can be worn for both working out or just running errands on a comfy day. They are very stylish, firm fitting, and stretchable. They are priced at $15.88.

Here’s a challenge! Try setting a budget for your workout clothes. Whether it is $20-$50, try to see what you can get when you squeeze your coins. Remember, it IS possible to shop for cute and STYLE!


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